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sampaguita_blue in anti_knightley

Can The Studios Just STOP It Already?

I am soooooooooooooo sick of this.

The bitch is in negotiations to play Zelda Fitzgerald

Enough. This phase the media is going through is now officially worse than the phase it went through in the '90s when Winona Ryder was in everything. WORSE.

I didn't think it could get worse than that, but it did. It soooooooooo did.


why I just cannot understand WHY!!!!!?!?!
1. Accent (She can't freaking pull it off)
2. Stature (She is too stiff)

3. I could bloody go on, but I'm tired of listing her flaws...it'd be preaching to the choir.

Why is this wench rumored to be in 4-5 different movies in the next 2 years? When will people realize she CANNOT ACT!!?

And for god's sake, The Duchess has been pulling negative reviews left and right, why are are people so hell bent on promoting her as an Oscar contender every single year!?! I think Entertainment Weekly and E! has stock in her films the way they keep shoving her down our collective throats! She's such a media darling for sure!! I mean, the way that The Daily Mail and The Sun and basically every tabloid in existence use her as fodder for their money-making headlines makes me think they NEED her for profits. It drives me absolutely balmy!