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camille_moineau in anti_knightley

Some great K.- and E. - Bashing

To somewhat soothe the pain of the news that K. has been cast as Eliza in a modernized remake of My Fair Lady, I come bearing aloe plants, in the form of  reviews for The Duchess as well as some much-needed and well-deserved E(lizabeth Swann) bashing.

The Telegraph
Because whether she's bending it like Beckham, skirmishing with Mr Darcy, or swinging from the rigging alongside pirates in the Caribbean, Keira Knightley fails utterly to convince.

2 1/2 Stars from the Times Online
 Who is Keira kidding? Only herself.

The Telegraph again
It's hard to listen to what she's saying when all you want to do is feed her chips. She's miscast in the first place....

Financial Times
Keira Knightley... as in Atonement, fails to suggest any development, change or depth.

You'll find yourself less fixated on inner turmoil than whether you could feasibly slip a cocktail sausage between her perma-pouting lips.

This article on Hollywood's 5 Saddest Attempts at Feminism is definitely an it-getter with regards to how Lizzy-Sue's character "develops" throughout the films. Granted, the article is erroneous in places -- it's written by a casual fan on Cracked, so no suprise there --  (Jack "in love" with E.? You'd think that over there, they'd at least realize his true intentions for her. No Anamaria mention? Then again, I don't know why I'd expect it, since she was forgotten by her own creators.) it still manages to call out the Two Turds ideal of what a heroine should be.

Also, a bonus article on Romola: "I'm very lucky to have the career I've had"


I love you! Can it be that critics are finally beginning to see the light?

This reminds me of a post I made two weeks ago on my personal journal that I should have cross-posted here about Shiteley playing Georgia Spencer like she's the girl starring in the "I've got a crush on Obama" video--- except without the satire and big boobs.

I might post it here in a bit.

For now, I'm off to read the reviews!!!

Thanks for this.