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sampaguita_blue in anti_knightley


Someone please tell me it's a dream and that Horseface isn't really being considered for the role of Eliza Doolittle:



Old news, m'dear. Although I had thought that they had changed their minds and gone with someone else.

Old Squinty's face has been assaulting me every time I've gone to the cinema this last month because of The Duchess. God. When will they learn that she can not act?
I knew of the rumors... But I was also under the impression that they'd sent her on her way a LONG time ago. The recent date on that news item scared me senseless.

Thank heaven The Duchess isn't big here at the moment. I am hoping against all hope that the general ignorance of the U.S. with regard to history will prevent a wide-release of the film here... and thereby save me from having to endure all of the promotional material.

There are few mentions of her with relation to the crap penned by her mother--- but Ms. Miller's indiscretions with one of my favorite performers brings "The Edge of Love" up every once in a while. And I do not appreciate it.

It's a shame, I actually like some of Ms. Miller's performances, but her lack of discretion far outshadows her talent... *sigh*