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anti_knightley's Journal

Anti-Knightley: Stabbing the Jaw
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The Basic Run-Down:

A community for people who are sick to death of the over-exposed fish-mouthed "actress." This community offers a safe place for people to express their negative opinions without fear of abuse and personal attacks from those who take offense to anti-Knightley opinions.

This community believes that Knightley should get a job at some place like Marks & Spencer until she has something intelligent and substantial to offer in any of her performances-- otherwise she should go back to school and get some training. (For someone whose career was launched by a screen comedy, she has atrocious timing.) While members of this community do not believe that Knightley's "talent" as a performer is as underwhelming as that of Paris Hilton's, we do tend to believe that most American high school students give better performances during their school's productions than she does in all of her films. We also believe that the member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that nominated Knightley for one of the Academy's prestigious awards excersized a huge error in judgement.

Things to expect:

Things not allowed:
-Pro-KK trolling.

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